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  • I've had high anxiety for 4 years now. I ran into Sahaj on Facebook and have been using the tools she suggested for me, and have noticed a huge difference in a relatively short period of time. These tools have helped me to lower my anxiety substantially.  Before I didn’t want to leave the house at all, and now I am able to walk 30 minutes most days. I want to give a big ‘thank-you’ to Sahaj; I'm so glad to have met her and will continue to keep working with her as long as possible.
    Epi Dominguez
  • I came to my last appointment with Sahaj frantic with stress!  There were a couple of circumstances in my life that I allowed to create a lot of fear and negativity. Sahaj listened with great care, and then suggested that she lead me in a meditation.  It was only a few minutes, but by the time she ended it, I was calm and clear about my next steps.  I highly recommend her stress relief program for anyone who is tired of being overcome by anxiety!
  • I met Sahaj at a conference and was inspired by her mission to help others achieve inner peace in their daily lives...I wanted to get some of this for myself, so I signed up to work with her! Sahaj is an insightful teacher and coach and has a gift for understanding where people are in and out of balance. She helped me to achieve a new understanding of a chronic health problem I had been struggling with. Sahaj has become a valuable teacher to me and I look forward to hearing more from her in the years to come.
    Allison Wolfe
  • Wow. I feel amazing after my last session with Sahaj…and within my first two sessions she quickly identified factors in my lifestyle that were impacting my ability to deal with the day to day stressors of a very intense high-tech career. Mostly she has shown me that when you start to feel well on the inside, that you can take on the biggest challenges of life without being worn out and overwhelmed. When you have a wise loving soul willing to put her energies into showing you where and how to find the path to wellness for what you and your needs and abilities are at any given time... that is priceless.
    Lyle Tweedy
  • Sahaj is a dedicated loving and sincere healer in every way. Her insights and knowledge come not only from trainings, but from a personal commitment to her own daily practice and deep inner work. She walks her talk, is open and non-judgemental. You are in excellent hands with her.
    Anina Gunderson
  • I have known Sahaj for many years professionally, and also as a friend. She has helped me get through a number of life challenges in the last several years. With her guidance I have moved through relationship changes, leaving an old job and starting a new company. She has been there every step of the way. I have been very grateful for her attentive ear and great tips to help me transition.  I trust in her ability to make hard times, easier, always.
    Sharon Lazette, Dandelion Foods, Almonte, Ontario
  • Laura O.
    Sahaj is a radiant person. She has many different talents. I myself had the privilege to benefit from her wonderful skills as a massage therapist, as a nutritionist, as a teacher teaching meditation through breathing techniques, and as a yoga instructor. Sahaj is born with an incredible power to bring calm and joy into people's lives. I highly recommend her and am always looking for excuses to be her student.
    Laura O.
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