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Coaching with Sahaj


Having a coaching session is about creating space for new possibilities to emerge. Allowing new possibilities is the first step to making them happen. Coaching will also help you to align yourself with your true values...and when we become aligned with who we truly are, then changes happen pretty rapidly and effortlessly. In fact life begins to take on a whole different meaning....

Although every coaching session has a life of its own, our sessions will tend to follow some basic steps just to ensure that we are moving forward. Initially I typically meet with a client because they want to either make positive changes in their life, or they are needing some help to move through something that feels difficult on their own. We will look at what is going on for you, where you might feel stuck or challenged, and then we will brainstorm either new ways of looking at the situation (which can bring new solutions), or Sahaj will give some suggestions based on her expertise.

You are the one driving the boat in your sessions. You get to say when to go and when to stop, how fast, how slow, etc. Typically my clients will work with me for a few months at a time, and then return periodically for a boost. Sometimes people work more intensively with me to move through challenges more rapidly. Others work with me for 6 months to a year to ensure that they have a more solid foundation before leaving. Confidentiality is taken very seriously and maintained at all times. Attending retreats can be very helpful in deepening the work we do in private sessions.

The reasons that people work with me vary considerably; some of those may be as follows:

  • You feel stressed and don’t know how to remain calm from day to day
  • You want to make some powerful lasting changes and want support along the way
  • You are experiencing anxiety and don’t know how to manage it
  • You are committed to creating better self care routines but don’t know where to begin
  • You want a powerful daily practice that will set you up for success everyday
  • Many things have changed in your life recently and you’re struggling to manage those changes
  • Your diet is not quite right but you don’t know what to change
  • You have cultivated some poor lifestyle habits (erratic routines, running all the time, not getting enough sleep, and so on) but you don’t know how to make healthier choices
  • You want someone to be accountable to so that you can commit to making healthy changes in your life
  • You just want to feel more peace on a day to day basis
  • You want to live more closely aligned with your inner value system but are unsure as to how to make those changes
  • ALL coaching packages include the following:

  • One on one support from Sahaj
  • Unlimited email access to Sahaj during coaching period
  • Lifetime access to private facebook group (value of $250/year)
  • Introductory Package which includes your 'Balance Check-Up', with recommendations specific to you
  • Ongoing custom-tailored tools to build a stronger foundation for your long-term support
  • Weekly homework to complete (you decide the pace of this)
  • Well-rounded approach to serving you (physical, spiritual, mental-emotional)
  • Different offers to meet your needs

  • Options for those who lead a busy life and want to go at their own pace through the process of creating inner peace and balance in their life
  • Intensive program set up in which you will work closely with Sahaj to make the changes that you need to create lasting habits and changes in your life
  • Tackling overwhelm, burn-out, fatigue, and stress
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